Currin's Nursery, Inc.

Since 1974, Currin's Nursery has been providing plants to landscapers, retail garden centers, and re-wholesalers of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.  We grow most of our plants from seed or cuttings so that we know our plants' history from the very beginning to the time it ends up in your hands.

Gardenias are ready and smell fantastic!

All of our Gardenias are bud and bloom now. Walking by the Gardenia beds is so heavenly to the senses! Not only do they look beautiful, but they smell great too. The Crown Jewel Gardenia is a newer variety that exhibits improved cold hardiness. Mature size is two feet tall by five feet wide. Grown in full or partial sun, the Crown Jewel Gardenia is a great addition beside porches, patios, walkways, and under windows.


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