Currin's Nursery, Inc.

Since 1974, Currin's Nursery has been providing plants to landscapers, retail garden centers, and re-wholesalers of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.  We grow most of our plants from seed or cuttings so that we know our plants' history from the very beginning to the time it ends up in your hands.

Darkfire Loropetalum are ready!

Darkfire Loropetalum, #3

Darkfire Loropetalum, #3

Our newest crop of Darkfire Loropetalum are ready now.  They are on the small side at 12" tall and 15" wide, but the foliage color is amazing!  'Darkfire' is similar to 'Ruby' in size and habit - about 5'-6' tall and wide at maturity.  However, the foliage is much deeper and darker.  The best thing about 'Darkfire' is that the foliage color does not "green out" in the heat of July and August!

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