Currin's Nursery, Inc.

Since 1974, Currin's Nursery has been providing plants to landscapers, retail garden centers, and re-wholesalers of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.  We grow most of our plants from seed or cuttings so that we know our plants' history from the very beginning to the time it ends up in your hands.

Here at Currin's Nursery, we pride ourselves on keeping a clean, well-kept nursery.  Through the many organizations we are involved in, we continue to educate ourselves in the most up-to-date production practices and technologies.  Below are just a few examples of how we endeavor to grow the best plants we possibly can.

Don't purchase Future Problems for Your Upright Junipers and Conifers

Don't let this happen to your customers' Emerald Arborvitae! 

Young crop of #15 Emerald Arborvitaes.  All single-stem and sheared. 

Have you ever seen upright conifers and junipers split open in the middle after an ice storm or wind storm?  If you have, then you now know that those plants did not come from us!  We keep all of our upright conifers and junipers single stem and shear most of them.  With a strong central leader, they are much less prone to splitting open in the event of ice or heavy winds.  We pay close attention to those that are especially vulnerable in weather events, such as Emerald, Degroot's Spire, and Green Giant Arborvitaes and Leyland Cypress.  You can be sure that when you purchase one of these plants from us, they will be able to stand whatever ice and wind Mother Nature throws at them.

Our Weed Prevention Program...saving you money and labor in your landscape maintenance

Weeds are our enemies and we battle with them by the minute it seems.  Although we will never win the war with the weeds, we do believe that we are finally outsmarting them.  We no longer fall prey to their sneaky little traps.  Like when they attempt to send their tiny little seed soldiers to battle, we don't let them!  We scout daily for weeds in the nursery when we are maintaining plants and pulling orders.  If we see a weed, we pull it immediately and dispose of it properly.  We spray weekly around the nursery in our driveways and surrounding areas and use pre-emergent herbicides in our containers.  We absolutely DO NOT let a weed flower around these parts.

All of the battles we do here with the weeds saves you money in the long term by reducing the amount of weed-seed pressure in your newly installed landscape.  When you purchase a plant from us, you know that you won't be waging a future war with some nasty, persistent weeds that often come from the plants you just installed.  Believe us, those weeds don't abide by the rules of war and they definitely don't play nice.  Save your money to spend on something other than herbicides and labor to hand-pull weeds.


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